These photo albums load from


To create a photo set & display it in this web page:

1. Go to

2. Click on 'Sign In' & use your pre-assigned yahoo ID to 'Sign In' on

4. Upload photos & create a photo set. (click on Upload Photos & Videos).

5. Once you have a photo set, click on 'Your Photostream', then 'Slideshow'

6. Within the slideshow, click Share - it then opens a window. Under 'Grab the embed URL' click on the heading 'Customise this HTML.'

Under 'enter a custom size' enter 500 x 376 (you may have to turn off maintain aspect ratio).

Copy the html code displayed (at the bottom of page where it says 'Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage')

7. In a new browser window, once logged into your parish website, go to Article Manager, Photo Albums. Duplicate (copy) one of the existing photo albums.

Click to edit the new photo album article. Scroll down to the bottom of the page & click 'Toggle Editor' to display HTML code. Click on the code text, & 'Select all' then Paste the new html code from Flickr.

8. Give the album a name. Thats it!

Link to your Group


Youth Band

There is a Youth Band playing at 6pm Sunday night mass.
If you are a musician, or would like to lend your voice and contribute in some way your contribution would be a valued addition to the existing b

Youth IT Group

We have a Youth IT group.

Our group maintains this youth section of the website.
You can help us if you can use Joomla, love photography, or are an artist or designer.

Using your talents is a great