Friday December 20, 2013
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Gallery: Christmas Vigil Mass will be held once again at Kurnell

Catholic residents at Kurnell wishing to attend Sunday Mass in the 1920s had no choice but to travel to Malabar by Fishers launch and tram.

Eventually, residents asked the parish priest of Cronulla, Father Lloyd, for a permanent church building.

St John Fisher Catholic Church at Kurnell opened in the late 1930s after a successful fund-raising campaign.

Its foundation stone was blessed by Archbishop of Sydney Norman Thomas Gidroy on September 14, 1937.

The church was closed about four years ago because of dwindling numbers.

An increase in students studying Catholic scripture at Kurnell Public School, however, lead to the church re-opening last June.

Father Tom Carroll from the St Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Parish of Cronulla will hold Christmas Vigil Mass at the Kurnell church.

He gave Leader photographer Lisa McMahon a tour of the beautiful house of worship.

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