* The Call to Stewardship *

How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me." Ps 116

Christian stewardship makes God's love visible by generously and sacrificially giving of one's self as Jesus Christ exemplified. To imitate the love of Jesus is not possible in our human nature. Yet, we have not first loved God. God has first loved us. When we open our heart to receive the gifts of God's love, we begin to love in a way that transcends our human nature and to love like Jesus. Stewardship enables the Christian to live His commandment to "love one another as I have loved you." (John 14:34) And the love He asks is a merciful, sacrificial, and life-giving love.

The four pillars of Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service invite parishioners to experience, witness and live the stewardship way of life in response to their baptismal call to discipleship.

Individually, each baptised person is called to give of time, talent and treasure to strengthen these four pillars that support the parish community. By making our parishes places of hospitality, prayer, formation and service, we provide greater opportunities for the sharing of time, talent and treasure. Stewardship is an integral part of the choice to be a follower of Jesus. In fact, it is practised in imitation of Jesus. What we receive from God is not "mine" to do with as I please. We are stewards (managers, caretakers) of our time, our talent and our treasure. What we receive is in fact not really given to us; rather, God entrusts it to our care, therefore:

  1. We are grateful for the trust God has placed in us.
  2. We hold what is given in proper regard, taking care of it as the property of another.
  3. We use what we have been given according to the good pleasure of God, who is the owner and master of it all. The time, talent and treasure God gives to each person is given to be used for His glory, for our needs, and for the benefit of others. It is not "mine" to do with as I please.


Among my needs is the need to share what God gives to me. Scripture teaches that it is a blessed thing to give. God desires that we cheerfully share our time, talent and treasure with others. This sharing is guided more by justice and love than by the notion of "first fruits" or a "tithe" (ten percent.) Living stewardship involves distinguishing between personal wants and needs (for example, to live in dignity, or to fulfil the responsibilities of my state in life) in order to be able to know how much to share. We also have to name and claim the particular talents we have to share, and then put all of them-time, talent and treasure-at the disposal of the parish and the Archdiocese to serve the mission of the Church. All the baptised - laity, religious, priests - have a role to play in carrying out the mission of teaching, sanctifying, and serving that Jesus gave to his Church.

Each person contributes to making the parish a place of hospitality, prayer, formation and service.
Some people have more time, talent and treasure to share; others are more in need of receiving. All will have to give to God an accounting of their stewardship of what God has given to them.

Stewardship is Discipleship!
Stewardship is the loving response to God's love for us by living the individual and universal call to discipleship, a lifelong "way of life", whereby one responds to the missions and ministry of the local and universal Church, sharing the Gospel of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Stewardship enables Christians to gauge the extent of their faith and love of Jesus by the stewardship they perform. When we simply witness those living as stewards - their action is their charity and their joy is their reward. We are all at different stages of our understanding of stewardship and our willingness to accept stewardship in our daily lives. But one thing is clear, each of us can grow closer in our relationship with God by consciously, prayerfully determining what our next stewardship action will be. God gives us time, talent and treasure to bring us closer to the living Christ; to enter into deeper communion with Him by extending mercy to others. By extending His love, we become more and more the person God created us to be.

Through God's Gifts
All that we are, all that we have, and all that we ever will be is a gift from God. Each of us has been given unique gifts and charisms from God. It is often stated that one who has become successful did it with hard work or through perseverance. While our hard work may be evident, stewardship calls us to acknowledge that this success has been made possible through God's gifts, given generously, not solely because of one's efforts. Everything is a grace and gift from God; even our efforts. The gifts of time, talent, and treasure are precious resources, not created by us, but given to us by our loving Father, who asks us as stewards, to share them wisely and generously in bringing others to Him. Sharing a portion of our time, talent, and treasure is a way to share Jesus Christ, our ultimate gift, with those who do not know Him. Stewardship is not reducible only to one task or another. It involves embracing, cultivating, enjoying, sharing, and sometimes also giving up, the goods of human life.

God's Call to Stewardship
Each of us is frequently involved in stewardship. The sharing of our gifts within the parish, school and community often takes place without deliberate and planned action. Each of us is called to be God's steward. We are called to make stewardship decisions that are intentional, planned and proportionate. Every day we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. This is a personal call to look inward and examine our lives, to take time to recognise our gifts, to discern how those gifts may change from year to year, and reflect on what God wants us to do with these gifts. As Catholics we should be examples for others!


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