Community and Social

Play Group

Contact: Allison Grant through the Parish Office
Ph: 85220300
Mission: To provide an environment for children up to 5 years of age to enjoy themselves, and to provide community support for young parents.
Meets Every Wednesday (except during school holidays) from 10am to 12pm in Thornton Hall (enter from Giddings Ave through the school grounds). Parents with children up to five years old meet to share some morning tea and chat, while the children enjoy themselves with toys and the company of other toddlers.



Contact: Cathy Sammut Ph: 9523 5215 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mission: To encourage our young people to profess their faith in a way that has meaning to them and gives them a sense of belonging to our parish.
There is a Youth Band playing at Sunday night mass, a Youth Drama group and an IT group. The ministry is activity orientated. Anyone wishing to be a participant or a facilitator is welcome to contact Cathy Sammut or Fr Thomas.


Touch Football

Contact: Dunstan De Souza Ph: 9544 0825 / 0417 447 144 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mission: To provide exercise and an opportunity for community spirit.
Touch Football starts at 8.45am on Saturday mornings and is played throughout the year on the De La Salle senior college football ground.


Dinner for Eight

Contact: Brian Collins Ph: 9523 5533 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mission: To build parish life through broadening friendships and acquaintances within the parish. Dinner for Eight is a group that facilitates social get-togethers in the parish. It is purely a social grouping, sharing, preparing and eating of a meal for eight people. It is not a prayer group or a social lecture group.
A group of eight people (couples and/or singles) meet for dinner on a regular basis (about every 5 - 6 weeks). A couple or individual within each group will be asked to act as Initial Host and Coordinator of future meals for that group. The dinners should rotate within all the homes of group members. At the end of six months the group will divide into two and one half will then team up with half of another group to make up a new eight for the next six months. At the end of the 12 months, each couple or person will have been involved with two sets of groups and hopefully will have doubled the number of friendships/acquaintances within the parish family.


Rosary Making Guild

Contact: Carol Stuart 9523 8410
Mission: To make rosary beads for the missions and propagate Rosary devotion.
A group of people interested in making Rosary beads meet in the chapel each Wednesday 12.30pm. After a short prayer together they make Rosary beads and share their skill in in doing so. The Rosary beads they make are distributed free of charge within the parish as well as to many missions.

First Fridays of the month the Guild also prays the Rosary together. They're happy to introduce the way to pray the rosary to any new comer. They are always ready to welcome new members. It can also be a occupational therapy for those who are looking for one.


Over 55s Social Club

Contact: Ronalyne Stephenson Ph: 9523 7893
Mission: To provide support, fellowship and friendship for those over 55.
This club meets on Tuesdays at 10am in Thornton Hall followed by Lunch at 12 noon. They play cards, indoor/carpet bowls, Bingo, and there are craft sessions. They also have day Coach Tours (2nd Tuesday of month) and occasionally longer trips.


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Youth Band

There is a Youth Band playing at 6pm Sunday night mass.
If you are a musician, or would like to lend your voice and contribute in some way your contribution would be a valued addition to the existing b

Youth IT Group

We have a Youth IT group.

Our group maintains this youth section of the website.
You can help us if you can use Joomla, love photography, or are an artist or designer.

Using your talents is a great